BJAN’s 5th Annual Brands & Marketing Conference’s Train Goes To Enugu

Brand Journalists Take Conference On Corporate Governance To Enugu


The Brand Journalists’ Association of Nigeria(BJAN) have planned to hold this year’s Annual Conference in Enugu,Enugu State.

The conference with the theme’ Corporate Governance,Public Accountability And The Challenge Of Repositioning Nigeria is scheduled to hold in the Coal City between November 2 and 4. gathered that the Goddie Ofose led association which had successfully organised similar annual conferences in Abeokuta,Osogbo,Ibadan and Ajah-Lagos decided to move this year’s event outside the Western Part of the country to reflect the Pan Nigeria nature and membership of the trail-blazing body.

The associations chose this theme on Corporate Governance and Public Accountability in order to galvanise conversations that will properly unravel grey areas in governance in private and public institutions.

The event is also scheduled to bring all stakeholders connected to this field of Corporate governance through presentations and discussions, as well as throw more light on the topic .

Meanwhile,  as the members of the association are making frantic efforts to reach out to the top executives of Enugu state government to embrace and present keynote address on’Corporate Governance,Public Accountability and Economic Growth of Nigeria, other themes expected to be presented by some  top corporate executives are ‘ The Roles of the Media in the Entrenchment of Corporate Governance and Public Accountability’ and ‘Aligning Global Best Practices with Nigerian Corporate Governance Standards’.

Brand Journalists’ Association Of Nigeria(BJAN)  had,in the last four years organised conferences that have become veritable platforms for proactive conversations on wide ranging issues affecting the Nigerian public and private sectors. also gathered that the associations’ eggheads are convinced of the need to deeply explore the topic, especially at this point of Nigeria’s economy when corporations are in need of better performance while governmental institutions are also looking for opportunities to deliver better values for the populace.

In 2015, the association held her conference in Ibadan on the theme ‘Challenges And Prospects Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Nigeria :Roles of Organisations, Government And The Media’  while it discussed ‘Mobile Money In Nigeria :Challenges, Opportunities And Threats’ during the conference held in Lagos in 2016.

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